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Joseph Phillips Jr.

Joseph Phillips Jr. is a line producer and film editor for Cynical Vulpes. He is best known for his assisting in editorial and digital imaging technician work on the feature film "The Mulligan".


Throughout his college years, Joseph focused on visual effects and video editing for both short films and commercial sets, allowing him to gain a proficiency in non-linear editing software.

"I am experienced in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, After Effects and many other programs. I specialize in mainly narrative film work, but have also worked on commercial projects, such as with LaserQuest and Steve's Auto Repair shop."

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Artist Statement

Time never stops, neither should our willingness to learn. I want to portray that message
to everyone who views my films. A chance for the viewer to see outside the box, to learn about
themselves, others, and life on earth.



Filmmaker Christopher Nolan, who expresses his artistic messages in a way that both

consciously and subconsciously influences the viewer, has been someone I look up to as he appeals to the average viewer while hitting on both important and pressing topics. I have been heavily influenced by the Italian Neo-Realism and French New Wave film movements, especially with the film Bicycle Thieves, because of their perspective on life. The idea of showing the world as-is by letting the environment speak for itself, along with the some of the inspiration it drew from Soviet Montage, allow these films to tell meaningful messages that a lot of mainstream films today miss, but the world desperately needs.


For me as an editor, finding ways to splice footage together to pull emotions out of the viewer is really where my passion shows. Continuity editing used to dictate how I saw and created my stories; however, the more I have learned about film, the more I have experimented and found a love for montage editing. The idea of drawing correlation between two completely different images to create new meaning is something that excites me. There are endless opportunities for creating something the viewer can interpret through their life experiences, giving it a different meaning to everyone.


I believe films are an opportunity for the viewer to experience and think about things they might not encounter in their day to day lives. When viewing my films, I want my viewer to question their purpose. How are they spending their time? Do they value what they have and make the most of the moment? Are they sharing their joy with others? I am eager for the viewers of my films to walk out with changed perspectives; perspectives that help them find value in life and make them ask, “What things will have value beyond the grave?


Fear of the Dark 1
Fear of the Dark 2

Wedding Photography


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities! Every journey starts with a first step.

I would love to make that first step with you!

(571) 789-5577 - Include your name or I won't respond!

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